Learn how to Register your Menstrual Cycle

Take control of your feminine health and feel like yourself again.

You're going to understand your menstrual cycles, your body and you're going to use this tools to make your live even better.

Meet Pau

If your story seems familiar, this course is perfect for you.

Pau has been taking birth control for years, literally she's been doing it automatically... but how not to? If she panics to think about what would happen if she stops taking pills and that all of her pain, irregular cycles, bleedings, and acne comes back. 

But, this does not mean that she feels tired and exhausted of this, it's a constant battle between the desire of stop taking them forever and the fear of what could happen after that.

Is your case similar to what Pau is going through? Don't worry this is the exact same situation thousands of my clients have gone through before, I've helped them get to know their menstrual cycles and go through the process of stop taking birth control. 

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And this goes far beyond, there's so many women taking birth control or usen synthetic hormones WITHOUT ANY IDEA, GUIDE OR HELP FROM A PROFESSIONAL SPECIALIST.

This is not only dangerous, this is hurting and altering the hormonal health and not letting you get to know your body...

 We're missing out of being cyclic women!


"My dream as a physician is that there's less frustrated women with fear of changing for this situation, this has to change."

Dra.Sofía Mora

Learn how to Register your Menstrual Cycle

Achieving this will help you leave all of this scenarios behind:

  • I don't know when I'm going to menstruate.
  • I don't understand my menstrual cycle.
  • My menstrual cycle is too irregular.
  • I take birth control because my period is too irregular.
  • Birth control makes me nauseous, my body can't take it anymore.
  • I feel I no longer bleed with birth control.

In this course you'll easily learn:

  • Better understanding of your body's hormones.
  • How to track and understand your menstrual cycle.
  • Live your life as a thriving and cyclic being with conscious.

It's time to stop depending on something that your body doesn't need, stop postponing the solution because of fear, spending on medication that is hurting your body because IT IS POSSIBLE, and that's not just me saying that, it's more than a thousand women I've helped take this step.

What the women who have taken the course are saying

What would your life look like if you had more control over how you manage your cycle?

If you could understand what is happening inside your body and when it will happen... If you finally manage to feel safe to stop birth control.

This is why Learn to Register your Menstrual Cycleexists, so that your cycle goes from being an enemy to being your best friend, they get to know each other, they understand each other and that you can start living a fuller life.

I'm Sofi!

Most of you already know me, I've helped +1000 women learn about your menstrual cycle and go through the process of coming off birth control.

I am a Pro-Ovulo-Menstruating Cycle Physician, Certified in Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), with multiple training courses in the field of women's health.

I have gone through certifications for women's health from allopathic or conventional medicine, but also from natural, functional and herbal medicine, because I believe that our female body deserves to enjoy health in a comprehensive way.

Certifications in FEMM (fertility education & medical management), ATENEA, PCOS Nutrition Center, Pacific Rim College, Aviva Romm MD, Women's Health Nutrition Academy.

"I thought I knew myself, until I learned to observe, identify and record my 'everyday' but now helps me read patterns in my own body."

Diana Osorno

This course is for you:

  • If you want to learn to understand your menstrual cycle and feel the magic of living it fully.
  • If you want to discover the relationship of hormonal symptoms with the registration of your menstrual cycle. Symptoms such as headaches, pelvic pain, acne, mood swings, menstrual irregularities, appetite changes, etc.
  • If you are tired of contraceptive hormonal methods that do not bring you closer to the solution and you want to connect with the organic flow of your hormones. 
  • If you think you have a hormonal imbalance and don't know where to start.
  • If you want to stop relaying on the probabilities that your period tracker gives you, without real knowledge of your hormones.
  • If you are using a non-hormonal method to plan and want to understand your menstrual cycle.

The course includes:

One year access to recorded classes. In addition to the recorded classes, you will have the workbook with the all the information of the classes, examples and tools to record your cycle.


List of book recommendations for you to deepen your menstrual cycle care,

Recorded Class | Introduction to the feeding of the menstrual cycle.

10% coupon on Wildflower (restrictions apply)..


*Una vez realices tu pago, te llegará un correo con el acceso al curso en un máximo de 5 días hábiles. Recordá revisar tu bandeja de spam, si transcurrido este tiempo no has recibido información, por favor contáctanos a info@https://doctorasofiamora.com/ ¡Bienvenida!

Course Topics

The physiology of your body.

Identify if your cycle is ovulatory.

Identify the different manifestations of cervical mucus (MC).

What is the LH test.

How to apply the LH test from your home.

How to record both biomarkers: MC and LH.

How to take your basal temperature.

Basic identification of the basal temperature chart.

Know the best time to register your record.

Identify the different phases of your cycle.

Identify when it is important to consult with a health professional in case you show any atypical report.