About Me

I consider myself as a being that has found its purpose. Women's health has become my passion and has evolved from personal inner exploration to providing my patients with a way for them to experience the fullness of their own bodies as well.

I am an entrepreneur in love with women s well-being, my intention is very clear, and it is to promote and defend ovulation in all those women who allow me to be part of their process.

I'm a Ovulo-Menstruating Cycle Physician, Certified in Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), with multiple certification and trainings in the field of women's health.

I did training as a yoga teacher (YTT 200 hours), which helped me remind myself of the importance of paying attention to the body, since it is a sacred tool that we all possess and that deserves to be fully attended to. 

I have gone through preparations for women's health from allopathic or conventional medicine, but also from natural, functional and herbal medicine, because I believe that our female body deserves to enjoy health in a comprehensive way.

With this tools, each consult, each course, each meeting or material I develop, has my heart and soul poured into it and it becomes a form of expression of everything I've learned and applied into my work.

I seek to deepen the transformation of women's health. I developed my Program Hormone Revolution. An entire program to learn, understand and take back the balance of your hormones, transforming uncertainty and preoccupation into knowledge and health. 

Welcome to this fountain of knowledge and information that belongs to all of us.

With love, 

Dra. Sofi.


Wildflower was born with you in mind, as a cyclic women that enjoys her hormones.

I got tired of hearing that being cyclic is something heavy, that menstruating is being sick or that having PMS is such a nightmare. Wildflower exists, because healthy and rich menstrual cycles have to exist.