We were born to enjoy our cyclicity, they are on average 40 years that our ovaries are active we must make visible and honor their work, it is a vital sign of our health as women.

Our founder, Dr. Sofía Mora, is a physician focused on women's health, with emphasis and training as an integrative doctor. She found her life purpose.as an Ovulo-Menstruating Cycle Physician, certified in Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), she emphasizes and promotes the importance of understanding women's health.

Helping you regain the power of your menstrual cycle, so you can
understand the variables that may be affecting your hormones. Here you will find all the necessary tools to start your process.

This project was born as a call for the comprehensive care of women since 2018. Helping thousands of women to better understand themselves and heal their menstrual cycles, through 1:1 appointments, courses, programs and free resources.