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Are you ready to open the door and learn to understand the universe that is your body?

We're born to enjoy our cyclicity, it is an average of 40 years that our ovaries are active, we must make it seen and honor their work, as it is a vital sign of our health as women.

Dra.Sofía's life purpose as an Ovulo-Menstruating Cycle Physician, certified in Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) specializes in promoting the importance of the understanding women's health.

With her help you'll be able to regain the power of your menstrual cycle, understanding the variables that may be affecting your hormones. Here you will find all the necessary tools to start your process.
If you want to regain control of your well-being, this podcast is for you.

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Learn to Register your Menstrual Cycle

Learn and understand your hormones and your main biomarker, cervical mucus.

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